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The Quake Kare Story

Quake Kare is the industry leading manufacturer and supplier of emergency preparedness kits in the U.S. After moving to "earthquake country" in 1982, Sherry Heitz, former founder and chairman, recognized the lack of available comprehensive, prepackaged emergency kits in America's earthquake capital. She was disturbed by how many trips she had to make put everything together. She had to find food and water that would store safely and survive extreme temperature changes, shelter, first aid, lights, radios, sanitation, and search/rescue supplies. As a concerned mother put in charge of her children's schools' disaster preparedness, she spoke to other parents who shared similar frustrations. "Why isn't there one place to go to buy all the emergency supplies you need to prepare for a disaster?"

Using her business background and Community Emergency Preparedness Traiining (CERT), Sherry set out to fulfill that need and started Quake Kare and pioneered the "earthquake kit." Today, Quake Kare has proudly served thousands of International/Federal/ State Agencies, School Districts Nation-Wide, Fortune 500 Companies and Non-Profit Organizations and partnered with organizations worldwide to minimize the impact of disasters.

In 2014 Quake Kare assets were purchased by Lighthouse for the Blind (, a non-profit headquartered in St. Louis, MO. The Lighthouse staff remains dedicated to Sherry's principle of providing quality, comprehensive emergency preparedness supplies for all disasters and locations at affordable prices in order to make our communities safer. Being an industry leader in manufacturering and wholesaling, Quake Kare is able to offer the most reliable products at competitive prices.

Our Clients Include:

NASAGoogle Disney
Kaiser Commerce Toyota

Corporate Presentation:

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