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Let Us Help You Prepare

Wholesale Program

Become a wholesale distributor of QuakeKare, Inc's Emergency Preparedness Kits & Supplies

Quake Kare’s mission is to partner with a limited number of companies offering professionalism and exposure to desired target customer bases thereby assisting us in furthering our commitment to assist businesses, schools, hospitals and homeowners to prepare for unpredictable yet inevitable disasters. Our selection will be based on establishing representatives from a variety of specialties and/or client bases. Special consideration and evaluation will be made regarding the overall potential strength of our business relationship together.

We recognize the importance of selecting only companies which offer the best possible partnership. We look forward to helping grow these selected companies by offering the following special considerations, opportunities and sales advantages:

  • 26 years of experience in the emergency preparedness industry
  • The lowest wholesale prices in the industry
  • Highest quality emergency preparedness kits and supplies
  • Drop-shipments to your clients
  • Easy online wholesale ordering
  • Exemplary customer service
  • Net 30 payment terms
  • Promotional materials and marketing strategies

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Let Us Help You Prepare
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