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Disaster Preparedness News

Recent Cold Weather Proves To Be Inconvenient, Even Deadly Throughout the Nation

Winterstorm Disaster PreparednessIn another stark reminder about the unpredictability of natural disaster, temperatures dropped sharply throughout the country the past week of January 8. While many in California enjoyed at least two days of moderate winter weather, with temperatures reaching high into the 80s, those same people were slapped with a good bit of frost throughout the rest of the week and into the weekend. Similar and worse conditions affected people throughout the Midwest and the North, even the Southwest.

According to an AP article, the cold front and storm was being “blamed for 29 deaths across five states”. “Waves of freezing rain, sleet and snow since Friday had been blamed for at least 15 deaths in Oklahoma, six in Missouri, five in Iowa, two in Texas and one in New York” ( The sudden drop in temperatures created hazards such as icy roads, downed power lines, and frozen pipes that would at times burst, causing homes and businesses to become flooded.

Freezing temperatures caused problems in unexpected areas. “The Phoenix (AZ) Water Services Department… was flooded with calls about burst pipes”. This memo from nature which hilighted the need to keep ones own extra stock of emergency drinking water for just such disasters, proved to be unfamiliar groung for authorities. A spokesman for the cities Water Services Department, Ken Kroski, was quoted as saying “This is something that we don’t think about much here”.

In addition to the fatalities, power outages occurred throughout the hardest hit parts of the country. For instance, in Missourri, authorities were working feverishly in the “moderate” temperatures that have provided some amount of relief to restore power to the 330,00 households and businesses that lost power due to the storm ( Most of the outages area were caused by tree branches felled from freezing rain that would snap them. Authorites throughout the country braced for more of the same in their weather conditions. Areas in New England and Michigan could see “more than a foot of snow Monday, as rain fell from the lower Mississippi Valley up through the Ohio Valley”.

With a lack of power perhaps making it impossible to use everyday conveniences such as microwaves, toasters and other cooking devices, emergency, non-perishable food stocks are a necessity. If one is in danger of being caught in these most recent storms, the comforts as well as health and safety themselves and those around them may rely on a little planning ahead. As the sudden, extreme drops in temperature have shown us, Mother Nature has a way of influencing our plans. High calorie surival food bars should be kept as a source of sustenance. These emergency food rations are specifically designed with a non-thirst provoking formula to provide disaster victims with necessary calories and nutrients to survive for 3 days. And unlike other emergency food, they have a 5-year shelf-life and don't require any water for preparation.

By Casey Kozoll
QuakeKare Press
January 15th 2007