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Disaster Preparedness News

Self-preparedness Essential for Survival in Modern Times of Disaster

Hurricane Disaster PreparednessDespite numerous and rapid advances in communication and travel technologies, ordinary people may still find themselves abandoned and lacking necessary survival assistance in the midst of disaster. Frequent reports and articles indicate that although there was forewarning and available resources, mobilizing any kind of rescue and recovery operations were difficult and arduous. That is one of the disaster preparedness lessons learned from 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. According to an article in the The Boston Globe, even after the 17th Street levee in New Orleans gave way Monday afternoon as well, flooding 20 percent of New Orleans. FEMA stuck to the book, delaying the arrival of outside help. Brown (former director of FEMA) issued a statement urging federal, state, and local first-responders to remain where they were, until they could be better organized.

The result of this organization was that for as many as two days after the levees were breeched, no National Guard troops had hit the ground in New Orleans. Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco wrote in a memo an official request to the President for help (The Boston Globe ). With 40 percent of her own states National Guard on active duty in overseas wars, other states, including New Mexico offered to send troops in for assistance. Even that was stymied by legalities (The Boston Globe).

Residents who did show up at shelters such as the Superdome often did not prepare well enough for their stay. “People…were in need of food and water” (The Boston Globe). As conditions deteriorated, the need for individual, self-preparation became extremely apparent.
Being as the government was not able to practically and effectively evacuate, rescue, or assist those worst affected by the storm, it should not be taken lightly that stocking up on emergency supplies is an essential element of survival in the event of a natural disaster.

Emergency food, emergency water, and emergency sanitation supplies are but a few of the emergency supplies all people should have in the event of catastrophic events. Tax dollars, as easily spent as they are, do not seem to cover basic necessities when it comes to surviving devastating occurrences. Many of the people in New Orleans who did follow government ordained plans for evacuation still lacked some of the most basic necessities, making their experience dreadful and life threatening. Do not rely on the government to protect and rescue you. Plan ahead and stock up on emergency supplies. To learn more about what you can do to prepare your family for a hurricane, check out our hurricane preparedness guide which offers tips on what to do before, during, and after a hurricane.

By Casey Kozoll
QuakeKare Press
November 29th 2006