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Disaster Preparedness News

Purchasing Emergency Food Supplies

Emergency Food RationsIn order to properly equip yourself for a possible survival situation, you have to consider obtaining emergency food supplies . Food is an essential component to survival should you encounter a dire situation. We supply our customers with food bars that provide enough nutrients and vitamins to sustain someone if they were ever caught in an emergency. We even have survival supplies for your family's pets. We understand that furry friends are important family members too and that their love and affection will help you in times of distress. Our goal is to bring all of the necessary life-saving items to our customers at a reasonable price, all in one location. So look through our range of emergency food supplies and get all that you need today.

About solar radios

Solar RadioSolar radios have the ability to allow the user to utilize the radio all day without battery power. In addition, they have a built in generator that enables it to work for up to ten hours at night without the use of batteries. A radio like this is superior to a strictly battery powered radios because it maximizes both usage and storage time. Another benefit of this product is that it is perfect for a variety of occasions not just emergencies. You can use these for hiking, hunting, camping, and much more. So don't be caught in the dark again, buy one of our high quality solar radios.

Quality disaster kits

Disaster kits are a vital tool to have on your side in a survival situation. These packages provide virtually everything one would need to be able to live for up to 3 days without access to anything. These products are great life-saving tools for the home, car, the office, or even in schools. We encourage everyone to be as prepared as possible and equip yourself with one of our exceptional disaster preparedness kits . This is a choice that could save your life, so please let us provide you with what you need to stay prepared.

By Casey Kozoll
QuakeKare Press
November 1st 2006

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