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Disaster Preparedness News

Fire officials Send Warnings to People About Coming Fire Season

Wild Fire PreparationConditions throughout much of the country have compelled fire authorities send bleak projections of what will be coming throughout the next fire season. According to an article on the disaster news website, there have been early signs that things are going to go from bad to worse as far as wildfires this year:

A harbinger of the fire season already has been seen in several states, from the 2,036-acre wildfire earlier this month that forced evacuations from wealthy enclaves in Orange County, California, to the more than 5,000 acres that have burned so far this year in Virginia reports

Wild fires are nothing new to southern California. That particular area of the state has long had to deal with dry, gusty Santa Ana winds that often leave forest firemen battling seemingly uncontrollable blazes. The damage has been seen from the hills of Malibu to gated communities of Santa Clarita and Simi Valley. However, this year has proven to be especially susceptible to fire danger as little rain has fallen “California, for example, has experienced its driest fall and winter in more than a century. The Los Angeles area has had less than 2.5 inches of rain since July; normal rainfall for the area is more than 11.5 inches. Forecasters said no rainfall is expected there for the foreseeable future” ( This reality can combine with other factors, such as the aforementioned winds, rising temperatures, as well as decades of overgrowth in forests, (resulting in vast amounts of dead, un-cleared brush) to bring about fires that are deadly and devastating.

The rest of the country is going to be experiencing what many Californians have grown accustomed to. “Drought conditions throughout much of the nation have firefighters bracing for a difficult fire season” ( In Minnesota, large amounts of timber, killed by bugs, coupled with extremely dry conditions have officials on edge. In Florida, authorities were predicting “drier than normal conditions through spring”. Whether you live in the Southwest, Pacific Northwest, or Great Lakes region, fire season will be a nervous one this year.

Emergencies like these fires destroy homes and property, often leaving people stranded. However, emergency preparation can still soften the blow of a natural disaster such as a wild fire. If stranded in the wilderness or at a makeshift shelter, emergency supplies such as emergency blankets, survival food, and emergency water may be essential for survival. Like in any emergency, information is also a vital tool which is why emergency radios such as an AM/FM Solar / Hand-Crank Powered Radio, Flashlight, & Cell Phone Charger should be kept in stock in several areas of one’s home and office. Should one area be consumed by flame, a separate supply of emergency supplies will be handy in another, unaffected area of the building. Yes, emergency preparation can be invaluable in the case of a wild fire.

By Casey Kozoll
QuakeKare Press
Novemeber 22nd 2006

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