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Disaster Preparedness News

A Look Back At 2007 Details One of The Worst Years In Recent History For Natural Disasters and Warns the U.S. to Prepare

2007 was one of the worst years in recent history for natural disasters, particularly here in the U.S. Looking back, there was not a single place in the country that was immune from the effects of severe weather, fires, earthquakes, or a combination of all of these. Even more alarming were the comments made nationwide by officials responding to these various disasters. Almost all concluded that, regardless of how long they had been on the job, these were some of the worst conditions they had ever seen. Thankfully there were no large centered disasters reminiscent of events like Hurricane Katrina, but the continual wave of disasters and severe weather that struck the country from coast to coast was unrelenting all year long and highlighted the need for people to start getting prepared.

Whether it was the devastating fires in Los Angeles and San Diego counties, or the flooding and ice storms that pummeled the Midwest and East Coast, there was not a moment of rest all year long for almost any part of the country. There was also no rest for the inhabitants of these areas, as various citizens in every part of the country were, at one point or another, in need of food, water, or shelter from local or state officials. The problems arise when area officials can't meet the disaster needs of the people on a large enough scale. It's in times like these that state and national agencies plead with people to get prepared for such disasters. Disaster preparedness becomes the repeated mantra as citizens are told to be ready with stocks of emergency food, water, emergency kits, and other emergency supplies. Snow and ice storms that paralyzed the Midwest showed that even citizens who are safe at home might not be able to receive power, or even medical or emergency assistance, for days at a time. These events proved that you are never safe from the effects of natural disasters and that you must always be prepared, no matter where you are.

Looking back on the past year, one important question arises: what does the future hold? The answer is clear: natural disasters of all types will continue to affect the United States. One of the most important things to realize is that no area is totally safe. Whether it's fires, floods, and earthquakes in California; snow and ice in the Heartland; storms in the Pacific Northwest; or blizzards on the East Coast, every part of this country has at least a handful of potential emergency situations that they must be prepared for. What the average person must know is how to prepare themselves and their family. Take a stock of your emergency supplies. More importantly, do you even have any? Disaster preparedness means being ready at all times and all places for as many things as possible. If you don't have an emergency kit with emergency food, water, and basic shelter, then you simply aren't ready for the next big disaster, and these are only the basic supplies you will need. It's important to have a broad set of supplies that cover the basics and give you options for things you might not even think about; things like sanitation, first aid, or even something as basic as lighting. Ask yourself what you would do if you got a flat tire in a severe snowstorm. What would you do if flooding left you stranded in an office building? Is your child's school ready for the next natural disaster or emergency lockdown situation? For over 25 years, we have dedicated ourselves to helping you answer these questions and prepare for these scenarios. We are here to make sure that you and your family's future is safe and secure. Let us help you prepare for whatever the future may bring.

By Jon Stoll
QuakeKare Press
Jan. 22nd 2008

Disaster Preparedness Blog

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