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Earthquake Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness News

Recent Los Angeles Earthquake is Nothing Compared to Big One to Come, Say Experts - Reminder to Store and Maintain Earthquake Kits

On Tuesday the Los Angeles area was shook with a 5.4 earthquake which served as another reminder that the Big One is still looming. The earthquake comes recently after a report issued by the Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast which stated that Los Angeles has a greater than 99% chance of experiencing a 6.7 or greater earthquake in the next 30 years. Tuesday's moderate sized earthquake which was centered in Chino Hills did not relieve nearly enough pressure to prolong what seismologists warn is inevitable. According to the California Institute of Technology, Los Angeles would need to experience some 10,000 of these moderate sized quakes in order to relieve the pressure on the faults necessary to stave off the Big One.

Earthquake KitThe earthquake may not have relieved any pressure from the the infamous San Andreas fault line but it may have been just the reminder residents of the California needed to buy an earthquake kit . News stations implored viewers to purchase earthquake kits with the proper earthquake supplies needed to survive the outdoors without government assistance for at least three days. In fact, Quake Kare's Earthquake Kits were featured on several stations. Journalists helped explain to viewers that buying a kit was really the best way to prepare for an earthquake because the food and water stores longer and more safely.

Check out the Fox11 Video Footage of our Earthquake Safety Kits

Even if you already have an earthquake kit, you need to remember to maintain your kit by replacing the earthquake supplies periodically. You want to be sure to replace the food, water, light sticks, and first aid every five years.

By Michael Bartholomew
QuakeKare Press
August 1st 2008

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