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Quake Kare Supports Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

Looking back a month after the Haiti Earthquake, it is sad to see that despite assistance from organizations like Quake Kare and countless others the situation in Haiti has hardly improved. People are still stuck without the basic emergency supplies such as food and water. Families are sleeping in the streets without tents.

During this crisis situation, Quake Kare has assisted in supplying relief efforts with supplies including the much need Water Purification Tablets. Each tablet purifies 1 liter of unsanitary water for emergency hydration. We have been supplying tens of thousand of these life-saving water purification tablets to Haiti victims. People forget that water treatment facilities will be down following a major earthquake and the US is no exception. So don't forget to stock up for yourself in case a major disaster hits your area.

In addition to supporting relief efforts, Quake Kare has been working with emergency relief organizations to develop better plans for getting emergency supplies to victims faster and more efficiently. We are also working to educate these organizations about the advantages of our emergency food bar rations which unlike MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) that the military uses. For starters, our emergency food bar rations don't require any water for preparation. This has been a major problem with recent emergency relief efforts which the organization have realized is a major problem when it comes to using MREs for emergency relief efforts because there isn’t even enough emergency water for drinking let alone preparing food. Also, the MREs don’t use a special non-thirst provoking formula designed specifically for disaster victims like our emergency food bars.

You can help too by donating emergency supplies or survival kit to a charity that is working to support the Haiti relief effort such as Heart To Heart. If it's time for you to get a new survival kit or replace some of your supplies, you can donate your old supplies or survival kit which will go to great use.

Your Quake Kare Team.
February 10th 2010

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