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Disaster Preparedness News

QuakeKare.Com's Deluxe Emergency Kit offers a deluxe emergency kit that contains everything you and your family will need in an emergency situation.

Our Emergency Ready™ (ER) Products are approved by the US Coast Guard to retain a shelf life of five years, so there is no need to re-purchase perishable items such as water and our food bars, which contain enough nutrients and calories for three entire days.

Among the other items in our Deluxe Emergency Kit is a 52-piece First Aid Kit, which contains all the items you will need to handle most first aid situations.

One of the post popular items in this featured emergency kit is the hand crank radio. No emergency kit should be without one. Once cranked, this radio will work for hours uninterrupted so you will receive all the latest news regardless of power outages. This radio is great for just regular black outs, too. Just don't forget to put it back into your emergency kit when you are finished using it.

Once you have purchased the Emergency Kit, you can also purchase the Accessory Kits, designed for specific needs, such as an Earthquake or Child Safety.

Ideally, you want all the supplies you can think of in an emergency kit. You can add on as you go along. For example, purchase the deluxe emergency kit and then add the Child Safety and Pet Kit the following month.

It's better to cover all bases, since no one can predict what type of disaster or emergency will strike and when. In California there is a saying: "It's not if a big earthquake will strike, but when." So, if you live in California, you may want to purchase the Deluxe Emergency Kit and then the Earthquake Kit right afterward, if you are on a limited budget.

Or, you can purchase Deluxe Emergency Kits for your home, car and school/work and then accessorize shortly thereafter. One thing is certain; you can not have enough items to place in your emergency kit and you can never start collecting soon enough all the things you need before an emergency presents itself!

Remember to prepare your emergency kit and stay safe!

QuakeKare Press
August 31st 2009

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