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Disaster Preparedness News

Recent Study Shows First Responders Aren't Ready To Care For Those Most Vulnerable: Children

Recent studies by the American Academy of Pediatrics report a disturbing trend. It states that emergency services and first responders are simply not ready to assist those most vulnerable to natural disasters or serious emergencies; our children ( Reports centering on the response to incidences such as the Columbine High School Shooting in 1999, and even Hurricane Katrina in 2005, highlight the need to focus on children for disaster readiness, whether it be at schools or in the public domain.

A recently published survey of over 1800 emergency responders stated that only 13% had an emergency response plan geared specifically towards children and only 31% had emergency plans for "mass-casualty" events in schools. These studies show that the best way to prepare for such events is through coordination between school authorities and local emergency officials (

This is where the preparation for such events can mean the difference between life and death. Many school districts have even begun to create basic emergency response plans which link parents to school officials. Many also prepare for such disasters by compiling basic emergency supplies for children in that school district. The key is making an effort to be prepared. Even a basic emergency kit can be a lifesaver, but it might be even more important to focus on a child safety kit or to specifically create a survival kit for schoolchildren. This is where we can help. Contact us to help create an emergency preparedness plan for you, your school, and your children.

By Jon Stoll
QuakeKare Press
Oct 27th 2007

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