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Disaster Preparedness News

US Army Says to Have Emergency Kit Ready

Disaster can strike without any warning, and for those of us that would be affected by disaster, it is better to be prepared. Being prepared for disasters has 3 components. The US Army has three components to its preparedness program which are: get a kit, make a plan, and be informed. This week’s article concentrates on the first part of the program, getting a kit.

The U.S. Army, along with all other armed forces, federal, state and local jurisdictions, is putting well needed emphasis on disaster preparedness and QuakeKare supports all levels of the program. This US Army website can help educate individuals and family members about their need for a reliable 72 hour emergency kit.

When disaster strikes, emergency responders address the most critical needs and may not even be able to get to an area until it is deemed safe. While they work on behalf of the entire community, the family also has a responsibility to ensure their well-being during times of crisis. Emergency kits are an essential tool for meeting that challenge.

To prepare your family for an emergency, get one or more emergency kits that include enough supplies to meet the essential needs of food, clothing, shelter and medical aid for at least three days (72 hour kits).

Think reusable and multi-use. A metal bowl can do double duty as a cup and saucepan. A brightly colored poncho can be used as water-repellent clothing or an identifiable marker, and two together can create a temporary shelter.

Keep a kit prepared at home, and consider having kits in your car and at work. These kits will enable you and your family to respond to an emergency more quickly. Your various emergency kits will be useful whether you have to evacuate or shelter-in-place.

This US Army PDF provides some recommended ideas for an emergency kit but you can save money and time by buying an emergency kit today that exceeds these recommendations from

Your Quake Kare Team.
January 12th 2010

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