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Disaster Preparedness News

Emergency Preparedness Kit

Quake Kare offers an emergency preparedness kit that fits almost any emergency.

Our Four Person Deluxe Backpack contains supplies for a variety of emergencies.
Here is a common scenario:

Scenario: A car is traveling down an isolated stretch of road when a natural disaster occurs.

This emergency preparedness kit is packaged in a durable nylon backpack and is designed for the car in case one needs to walk long distances to a safe location. It contains a first-aid kit, a solar/hand-crank powered flashlight, flashing LED siren and light sticks.

To find the location of a safe area, one can use the solar and hand-crank powered radio which never needs batteries to listen to emergency radio broadcasts. The first-aid kit will provide immediate attention for injuries that may have resulted in the crash. An emergency blanket is also included if an injured person goes into shock, which oftentimes they do.

This emergency preparedness kit contains additional items that will help this situation, namely a tent, food, and water that will enable the survivors to stay alive for several days while search and rescue arrives. The Four Person Deluxe Backpack also contains rain ponchos that will keep victims dry in wet weather.

At Quake Kare we hope that you will never have to use an emergency preparedness kit, but rest assured that if you ever do and you have one, you will be so glad that you made the purchase.

Please view all the supplies in our emergency preparedness kits which contain everything you need to survive a disaster.

Stay safe!

Your Quake Kare Team.
September 14th 2009

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