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Emergency Radio

One of the most important things to include in your emergency preparedness kit is an emergency radio. Imagine not having any access to local information in an emergency. Without a reliable emergency radio, you will not be able to gauge which highways and streets are safe to travel on and where to go in your area that has emergency personnel that aid in life-threatening situations.

A news helicopter will be able to relay details on the conditions of freeways and structures in your area and relay that information back to the newsroom and then in turn the information will be broadcast on radio stations.

Even though a small battery powered radio will suffice, the absolute best choice is a solar/hand crank emergency radio. Batteries, even if stored correctly, lose their shelf life fairly quickly and even if they are fully charged, last only so long before the emergency radio dies.

Quake Kare offers an outstanding solar/hand-crank emergency radio, which also has a flashlight and cell phone charger built in! It never needs batteries. You can charge it via a solar panel or hand-crank generator. In case power is out in your area, your cell phone can be charged for a few short conversions or text messages.

More details include:

  • Super Bright LED Flashlight - LED bulb provides over 100,000 hours of emergency light
  • AM/FM Radio - Receives excellent reception for tuning into emergency broadcasts.
  • Solar Power - Most flashlight & radios use batteries which have a limited storage & usage time. Solar panel allows you to charge the internal battery by placing in direct light for unlimited usage.
  • Hand Crank Power - Built in generator allows you to charge the internal battery by cranking with your hand so that you never run out of battery power.
  • Mobile Phone Charger - Can help save lives, by providing enough power for a short voice or text conversation. Comes with universal adapter that connects to your phone's car charger.
  • Flashing LED Siren - Attract rescue attention with a bright red flashing LED siren.

Consider purchasing an emergency radio for your home, school/office and your car. It is important to note that many situations will force you to leave your car and an emergency radio will come in super handy and you will not lose your connection to the outside world.

This emergency radio also makes an outstanding gift for friends and loved ones!

Remember to prepare your survival kit and stay safe!

QuakeKare Press
September 9th 2009

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