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NOAA Predicts Catastropic End to 2010 Hurricane Season

Hurricane KitEarlier this month, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reiterated its earlier forecast that predicted it could end up being one of more active hurricane season on record in the region. From the beginning of the 2010 hurricane season that started on June 1st and will officially end on November 30th, researchers predict major tropical storms and hurricanes will mark a tragic end to what has so far been a very mild season.

Government officials fear that the lack of hurricane so far during this year’s season will cause people to be less vigilant than they should be regarding stocking and replacing hurricane preparedness supplies such as emergency food, lights, and water. Officials are urging residents of the hurricane states to buy quality survival kits containing hurricane supplies that are designed and approved by the US Coast Guard to store safely for 5 years even in extreme conditions. Hurricane kits include emergency supplies specifically designed for hurricane preparedness.

August 29th marks the 5-year anniversary of devastation by Hurricane Katrina as President Obama is scheduled to revisit the hurricane torn area of New Orleans. It seems almost unbelievable that people could forget so soon after such as horrific event but people in the region have been struggling to rebuild their community from the damage caused by Katrina. That is why it is important for government officials at FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security are trying to rallying residents of areas at risk for major hurricanes that they need to have adequate hurricane preparedness supplies in case they need to evacuate due to a hurricane. If you live in a hurricane prone area, be sure that you have the necessary supplies just in case the researchers’ predictions ring true.

Your Quake Kare Team
August 14th 2010

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