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Contents of an Outstanding Survival Kit

After typing the phrase "survival kit" into my search engine, I am not surprised by the search results. Thousands of web pages contain the phrase.

Which company offers the best survival kit? We, at Quake Kare Inc. can proudly say that we do. We have spent many years researching the absolute best contents for our survival kit in all categories.

Here is what sets up apart from other vendors.

  • Our contents are approved by experts.
  • We have patented US Coast Guard Approved food and water formulas that have a five year shelf life.
  • We offer unparalleled customer support and additional items one can order to upgrade their survival kit.
  • We offer up to 50% saving on the most comprehensive survival kit in the industry!

When purchasing a survival kit, be advised that many competitors' kits have a short shelf life when it comes to food and other products, so you will have to purchase them again each year or whenever they expire.

Also, keep in mind that a survival kit should be purchased for your home, your car and your school and/or office. When you are contemplating a gift for loved ones, a survival kit is an excellent choice. It will show family members and friends that you really care about them!

If you are putting together a survival kit on your own, include the following items. Of course there are more items needed, but these are on QuakeKare's Top 10 Most Important Items that belong in a survival kit.

  1. Water with a 5 year shelf life
  2. Water tablets to purify untreated tap water
  3. Food bars that offer enough nutrients for 3 days per person and have a 5 year shelf life
  4. A tool that you can use to shut off gas and use for other things
  5. Hand-crank solar radio and flashlight
  6. First Aid Kit
  7. Thermal blanket
  8. Rain Poncho
  9. Tent
  10. Duct tape

Remember to prepare your survival kit and stay safe!

QuakeKare Press
August 15th 2009

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