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Disaster Preparedness News

Severe Storms and Tornadoes Hit the South and Kill Dozens

Some of the worst storms and tornadoes in recent memory smashed into various parts of the south on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Severe weather destroyed homes, businesses, schools, and killed at least 52 people. Though the weather was not totally predicted, officials credit sirens and early warning stations with saving many lives. Still, the severe conditions took the lives of people in four different states (

One of the most frightening incidents occurred at a college dorm in Jackson, Tennessee, where dozens of students were trapped for hours after the buildings they were staying in collapsed. Local hospital officials said that it was a miracle nobody was killed. The disaster highlighted how important it is to always be prepared with proper storm supplies. It might also be a good idea to send your child away to college with a school emergency kit. First responders were called to the area and the Secretary of Homeland Security said FEMA teams were being deployed to various counties. In places like Arkansas, response efforts were hampered by more severe weather. The amazingly quick response of emergency officials is credited with saving many lives. While FEMA teams were sent out, emergency responders in all areas were quick to respond, and in places like Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, National Guard Troops were called out to help with the injured and bewildered (

The amazing fact is that there weren't more injuries and deaths. While first responders were quick to aid those in need, it's important to remember that help might not always be so quick in coming. That's why it's important to prepare for such disasters to the best of your ability. Having a proper set of storm supplies could mean the difference between life and death. If you have a child away at college, do they have a school emergency kit that can assist them if they are trapped in a dorm for days at a time? These questions may sound silly, but could not be more serious and to the point, particularly in light of what has happened over the past few days. No matter where you live, having a proper stock of emergency supplies is always a good idea and might even become a lifesaving asset. Learn a lesson from those hardest hit by these disasters and prepare yourselves and your families.

By Jon Stoll
QuakeKare Press
Feb. 17th 2008

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