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Self-made vs. Professional Survival Kits

Most people don't give survival kits much thought until a major disaster strikes. Suddenly, many are pulled out of their complacency to research what they need to do to ensure their families and homes are kept safe.

During a crisis, survival kits become a huge priority, but it can be a daunting task to search for a valid list of contents, and then to subsequently purchase the items that belong in survival kits. Also, one can't be sure that the items were designed and approved by experts to store safely and be ready for when you need them most.

Reliable survival kits contain many items in the following categories:

  1. Food and Water
  2. Shelter
  3. Lighting and Communication
  4. First Aid
  5. Search and Rescue
  6. Sanitation

The advantage of purchasing your survival kits from a reputable dealer, either online or in a store is that you will receive the reliable supplies you need in one purchase. You will not have to research what needs to be inside your survival kits, and then shop for the supplies in many different stores.
It has been done for you and the survival kits will have been designed, tested, and approved by experts.

We, at, suggest the following:

  1. Purchase your survival kits before a disaster strikes. Stores sell out of emergency items very quickly.
    So, be prepared.
  2. Keep survival kits in your home, car, office and school, since you can't be certain where you will be
    during an emergency.
  3. Educate yourself in depth about disaster preparedness.
  4. Check your kits to make sure everything is still there and working.
  5. Visit our website often for up-to-date news and information!

QuakeKare Press
August 5th 2009

Disaster Preparedness Blog

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