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Disaster Preparedness News

Arrests in Terror Plot Support the Need to Stay Prepared Against Possible Attacks

Terrorism PreparednessOfficials arrested men involved in a plot to blow up buildings and structure at one of the world’s busiest airports in “another alleged plan aiming at America's air travel system and a landmark in its largest city” ( Yes, even as we play a deadly game of cat and mouse with terrorists in Iraq on a daily basis, there are those outside of that region who would still like to cause great harm to Americans on their own soil. The men, who were of American, Guyanese, and Trinidadian descent, intended to “blow up buildings, fuel tanks and pipelines” at the airport.

Luckily for Americans, the plot was discovered in its early stages. Few practical measures had been taken to put the plan into action. “The scheme was so nascent, investigators said, that no plan had developed for acquiring explosives, let alone gaining access to the tanks and pipelines” ( However, the American charged, retired airport worker Russell Defreitas, and his cohorts wanted to inflict great bodily and property damage in the attacks. They had arranged meetings with overseas extremist groups and sought funding for their projects, in addition to conducting detailed surveillance of the airport. According to authorities, they wanted to inflict “mass casualties” ( “The devastation that would be caused had this plot succeeded is unthinkable” said one U.S. attorney working in New York (

Lessons learned from the event should include that Americans should not slip into a false feeling of safety, even though successful terrorist attacks have not been carried out, by and large, since 9/11. Americans must remain vigilant in their own preparedness. Families should have communication and logistical plans laid out ahead of time should a terrorist attack affect their areas. Many emergency supplies will be just as useful in a terrorist attack as they would be in any natural disaster. Emergency food rations and emergency water supplies may be necessary to get one and one’s family through long periods of potential chaos and confusion. Emergency radios and batteries should also be kept in your disaster survival kit to help keep families up to date on pertinent information should more conventional means of communication become disabled. In addition to these, terrorist attack preparedness supplies such as gas masks and protective gear have become a necessity for complete protection. Once again, emergency preparedness can go a long way towards helping one survive an unforeseen event like a terrorist attack.

By Casey Kozoll
QuakeKare Press
June 7th 2007

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