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As Rescue Efforts Can Take Time, Self Preparedness is Crucial During a Tornado, as Some Kansas City Residents Have Learned

Tornado PreparednessTornados ripped across the planes states as the storm systems responsible for them moved through the region. “On Sunday, the weather service posted tornado warnings during the afternoon for parts of Kansas and Oklahoma, and severe thunderstorm warnings were extended across parts of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas” (

The effects of the storms were not surprising to those who study tornadoes. “The tornado that struck Greensburg on Friday night was an EF-5, the highest level in a classification system used by the National Weather Service”. This fact supported lent credence to the sightings of damage and widespread “rubble” found on the path of the tornado’s destruction. “The damage path at its widest point was about 1.7 miles (2.7 kilometers), and it tracked for 22 miles (35 kilometers)” ( The storm systems delivered several tornadoes throughout the region. The Oklahoma town of Sweetwater had a high school and other buildings damages as a tornado touched down on Saturday.

Property was the least of the damage worries in several other cases. “Nine people were killed in twisters Friday night in Kansas -- eight in Kiowa County, which includes Greensburg, and one in Stafford County to the northeast, officials said” ( In addition to this more than 50 people were injured.

The rescue efforts reinforced the notion that self-preparedness might be the difference between life and death. As many as two days passed before some areas were to see relief. “Rescue crews Sunday resumed sifting through the rubble of a small Kansas town destroyed by tornadoes Friday night.” (

During those several days, supplies such as emergency food rations and emergency water supplies could have proved vital to the survival. News of the unfolding events could have been delivered via emergency radios; even solar powered radios. Other supplies such as emergency blankets and other emergency supplies may have provided even the most minimal of comforts while waiting for assistance.

By Casey Kozoll
QuakeKare Press
May 20th 2007

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