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Earthquake Preparedness

How To Prepare For An Earthquake

In this section you can learn about how to prepare for earthquakes. Find out which earthquake kit and supplies you need along with other important steps to take before an earthquake.

  • Purchase Earthquake Kits And Supplies! Buy an earthquake kit designed by emergency preparedness experts to contain all the reliable supplies you need to prepare for an earthquake. Check out our Earthquake Kit and Supply Checklists for the home, car, school, and office.
  • Customize Your Earthquake Kit! Some people have special needs such as prescriptions and other items that you may need to add to your kit.
  • Replace Expired Earthquake Supplies! Periodically, you may have to replace certain earthquake supplies. But thanks to our ER™ Easy Replacement Kits, we've made this process both cost and time efficient for you.
  • Make A Plan! Make an emergency plan that includes evacuation and reunion plans; your out-of-state contact person's name and number; the location of your emergency supplies and other pertinent information.
  • Secure It Now! Have a risk-reduction expert eliminate hazards throughout your home, workplace, and school. This service has proven to greatly reduce your risk of injury or death following the next earthquake or other disaster.
  • Learn And Play! Use the following fun and informational resources to learn about earthquake preparedness.
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