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Earthquake Preparedness

How To Replace Expired Earthquake Supplies

We've made the process of maintaining and updating supplies easy and cost effective. Your ER Emergency Ready Earthquake Survival Kit contains the most reliable and longest lasting earthquake preparedness supplies available on the market today.

Our food and water have been US Coast Guard Approved to last for 5 years; even in extreme conditions. We have also engineered 4 year shelf-life emergency light sticks which last years longer than our competitors.

But periodically, you must still must replace certain items every 4-5 years that may expire. But don't worry! We've made it cost and time efficient by introducing the ER Emergency Ready Replacment Packs. Just purchase a pack for the same number of people as your earthquake survival kit.

Each ER Pack contains the following:

  1. Emergency Food Bars
  2. Emergency Water Rations
  3. First Aid Supplies
  4. Emergency Light Sticks

And, don't forget that you have to replace the water in your 55 Gallon Water Storage Barrel every 5 years. You will also need to purchase another bottle of Water Preserver Concentrate to preserve it for another 5 years. This is a highly recommended and cost effective way to store extra emergency water at your home, school, or workplace.