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Earthquake Preparedness

What To Do After An Earthquake

If you have been fortunate to survive a catastrophic earthquake, you still won't be out of the clear yet. The days after an earthquake can be just as dangerous as the seismic event itself. Learn what you can do to survive after an earthquake.

  • Check For Injuries And Damage! One of the first things you should do following a major disaster is to check for injuries and damages that need immediate attention. Make sure you are trained in first aid and in damage assessment techniques. You should be able to administer first aid and to identify hazards such as damaged gas, water, sewage and electrical lines. Use your emergency gas wrench to turn off the gas if you smell a gas leak.
  • Communicate And Recover! Following a major disaster, communication will be an important step in your recovery efforts. Turn on your solar and hand-crank powered emergency radio for information and safety advisories. If your home is damaged, contact your insurance agent right away to begin your claims process.