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Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquake Kits

Earthquake Kits for Your Home

Earthquake Survival Kits for HomesOur Home Earthquake Survival Kits support 4 people for 3 days with a 3 day supply of US Coast Guard approved emergency food and water which are guaranteed to store safely for 5 years - even in extreme weather. Our home earthquake kits also contain all the emergency shelter, sanitation, first aid, lighting, and communication supplies necessary to prepare for a major earthquake. Its waterproof and air-tight container ensures your earthquake supplies will store safely. The kit's container enables it to be used with the sanitation supplies included or used to purify water with the water purification tablets also included.

Earthquake Kits for Your Car

Earthquake Survival Kits for CarsWe highly recommend keeping a Car Earthquake Survival Kit in your vehicle at all times. Each earthquake kit for your car includes all the emergency food, water, communication, lighting, first aid, and shelter supplies you need to prepare for an earthquake while you are on the road. The kits are packed in durable nylon backpacks which makes them easy to carry in case you are forced to travel by foot to safety.

Earthquake Kits for Schools

Earthquake Survival for SchoolsOur School Earthquake Survival Kits include all the emergency food, water, shelter, first aid, and lighting supplies necessary for ensuring the safety and survival of students at school following a major earthquake. Unlike homemade or classroom made earthquake kits, each kit is guaranteed to store safely for 5 years. Remember, after an earthquake, students and faculty may need to evacuate the buildings and stay outside in a safe location up to weeks. Your school has the obligation to ensure that it has adequate earthquake supplies to prepare all of its students and faculty.

Earthquake Kits for Offices

Earthquake Survival Kits for PetsOur Office Earthquake Survival Kits support 5 people for 3 days by including all of the emergency food, water, shelter, first aid, lighting, and communication supplies necessary for surviving at work after a major earthquake. Remember, after an earthquake, your building may be unsafe to occupy, stores will be closed, and roads will be down! This means that employees may be stuck at work for days if not weeks. The is no easier way to prepare your office than by storing our office earthquake safety kits in strategic locations in the workplace.

Earthquake Kits for Pets

Earthquake Survival Kits for PetsAnd don't forget about your pets they will have needs too after an earthquake. They will be hungry, thirsty, and potentially in danger just like you. That is why we have developed Pet Earthquake Survival Kits which contain specially manufactured emergency pet food and water along with many other earthquake supplies which could save the your furry friends.

Accessory Earthquake Kit

Earthquake KitWe also recommend our Earthquake Kits, which has been specially designed to enhance the our Home Earthquake Survival Kit to help your family prepare for the inevitable earthquake that faces many regions of North America and beyond. This earthquake kit contains seismic fastening supplies to secure your household items for the seismic forces of an earthquake. This way you avoid dangerous debris such as broken glass and save your precious items. This earthquake kit also contains a Emergency Power-Failure-Light which automatically creates emergency light after the power goes out following an earthquake.