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Emergency Candles
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Emergency Candles (6E)

DEEP DISCOUNT! ER™ EMERGENCY READY Candles provide both emergency light and warmth for your hands following a disaster when power-outages are likely. Includes 5 candles. Each candle burns brightly for 5 hours.

 $5.50   $4.95
Quantity Discounts:
20-49 $4.80
50-99 $4.50
100-499 $4.20
For larger quantities, please call for price quote.

ER™ Emergency Candles are a great addition to your emergency kit, automobile or office environment. When the power goes out or you find yourself stranded in a roadside emergency, these candles provide a good solution for temporary lighting.

Emergency candles are designed for use with most candle lanterns. Each candle burns approximately five hours when used in a lantern. Ideal for camping and emergencies.


(1) Box of 5 ER™ Emergency Candles

Brand: ER™ Emergency Ready
Weight: 0.35 lbs.
Needs Supplied: emergency light
Total Items: 5 emergency candles

(1) box of 5 candles: 3.75" x .75" x 6"
    Case (100/Case): 12"x12"x5"

Light Source:


Disaster Usage: earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, winter storms, floods,power outages, roadside emergencies
Features and Functions:

Each candle burns approximately five hours.

Instructions: Install candle into candle lantern if available. Light candle with match or lighter.