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Emergency Lights and Radios
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3 Function Emergency Flashlight 3 Function Emergency Flashlight

This flashlight features 3 ultra bright Japanese LED's, a fluorescent tube, and a Xenon bulb in a durable water-resistant body with rubber ribbed handle and handy carry strap.


Dynamo Micro-Light Keychain Dynamo Micro-Light Keychain

ER™ EMERGENCY READY Dynamo Micro-Light Keychain allows you to carry a reliable light source with you everywhere that will always be ready when you need it.


Emergency Flashlight Emergency Flashlight

Emergency 2 'D' Cell Flashlight. Should be strategically placed throughout houses, offices, schools, and vehicles in case of a power-outage.


Emergency Strobe Light Emergency Strobe Light

Emergency Strobe Light with a 3-mile visibility! Strobe lights are excellent for getting attention of emergency responders in a survival situation. Strobe lights are standard issue for pilots and wilderness enthusiasts in case they get stranded or …  MORE>


Solar Dynamo Flashlight Solar Dynamo Flashlight

Featuring 3 ultra bright LED's, this flashlight has a built-in rechargeable battery. Includes hand crank and solar panel chargers. Simply crank the handle or place in the sun to charge.