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Earthquake Preparedness

Home Earthquake Preparedness Checklist

4 Person Home Emergency Survival KitOur Earthquake Kits support 4 people for 3 days and are designed by earthquake preparedness experts to include all the critical emergency food, water, shelter, sanitation, first aid, lighting, and communication supplies necessary for surviving a major earthquake. After which, stores will be closed! Running water and electricity will be unavailable! Your home may be unsafe to occupy! You need to be self-sufficient. Get all the earthquake supplies you need in one complete earthake kit.

Earthquake KitsWe also recommend the Earthquake Kit, which has been specially designed to enhance the above Home kit to help your family prepare for the inevitable earthquake that faces many regions of North America and beyond. This earthquake kit contains seismic fastening supplies to secure your household items for the seismic forces of an earthquake. This way you avoid dangerous debris such as broken glass and save your precious items. This earthquake kit also contains a Emergency Power-Failure-Light which automatically creates emergency light after the power goes out following an earthquake.

Hygiene Accessory KitAnother recommended kit we provide for your family is our Family Hygiene Kit. It includes the necessary sanitation and hygiene your family would need following a major earthquake. Remember, at that time, there will probably be a severe shortage of water. These earthquake supplies allow you to remain hygienic following an earthquake without the need for running water. Remember, it is important to avoid spreading or being exposed to dangerous bacteria during a time of already great emergency.

Emergency Pet Survival KitAnd don't forget about your pets they will have needs too after an earthquake. They will be hungry, thirsty, and potentially in danger just like you. That is why we have developed Pet Survival Kits which contain specially manufactured emergency pet food and water along with many other earthquake supplies which could save the your furry friends.

After a large earthquake, stores may be closed for several weeks in your area and roads may be unsafe to drive out of your area. That is why you must have a supply of emergency food in your earthquake kit. You should have a minimum of a three-day supply per person but a supply of at least a week is recommended. Many people try making their own home earthquake kit but they often don't realize that store bought food such as canned food only has a 6 month shelf-life. Emergency foodThat is why each of our survival kits come with ER Bars - US Coast Guard Approved, 5-year shelf-life, 3-day supply emergency food ration bars. With a non-thirst provoking formula and a perfect balance of quality ingredients, it is specifically designed for disaster victims. Vacuum sealed and specially packaged, the ER Bar has surpassed rigorous testing procedures and quality standards in order to be a US Coast Guard Approved 5-Year Shelf-Life Emergency Food Ration.

Second to air, water is the most primary element to human survival. You must consider the fact that running water may be either unsafe to drink or simply unavailable after an earthquake. Just keeping bottled water at home is not enough. Despite popular myth, bottled water only has a 6 month shelf-life; even less if stored in extreme temperatures. It is recommended that at a minimum you have a 3 day supply of drinking water per person in your earthquake preparedness kit. However, a survival rule of thumb is that you have a gallon of emergency water per person because you will also need it for sanitation purposes. Emergency waterEach of our survival kits come with Aqua Blox - US Coast Guard Approved, 5-year shelf-life, 3-day supply of emergency water rations. Since water remains the most important earthquake preparedness item to have, each home survival kit also comes with water purification tablets which can be used along with the 5 gallon container to purify extra water. The additional purchase of extra emergency water for inclusion within your earthquake kit is recommended as our survival kits include only a minimum survival supply. The best and cheapest way to store a sufficient amount of emergency water for an entire family is to purchase one of our 55 gallon water storage barrel and accessories.

As electricity may be out for several weeks after an earthquake, you will need emergency lights to navigate through the dark and safely get out of your home in order to travel to a safe location. Each of our Home Survival Kits come with a variety of essential emergency lights.Emergency lights You will also need a an emergency radio to know where a safe place is to travel. Many people store regular battery-operated flashlights and radios in their earthquake preparedness kit but don't realize that batteries have a shelf-life of 6 months. Our deluxe home survival kits come equipped with an am/fm solar and hand crank radio with lantern light which never needs batteries and 12 hour emergency lightsticks which have a 5-year shelf-life. All home kits also come with slow-burning emergency candles and waterproof matches for extra long-lasting light. We also recommend the inclusion of a fluorescent lantern for additional lighting capabilities.

After an earthquake, there will likely be broken glass and dangerous items that you will have to deal with when evacuating your home or helping others evacuate. Collapsed structures could trap families in their homes. That is why your home earthquake kit must include the proper emergency search and rescue supplies for your home. Emergency search and rescue suppliesOne very important item, especially for earthquake preparedness, which can save your home and neighborhood is an emergency gas shut-off wrench. An emergency gas shut-off wrench is included in each of our home survival kits. Other important search and rescue supplies for your home earthquake preparedness include a fire escape ladder and tools for setting up camp or shelter. Each home survival kit includes a swiss army style knife, vinyl rope and duct tape, leather-palmed work gloves, vinyl gloves, and dust masks for protection from dangerous debris.