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Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquake Risk Reduction

To assist those who live in California with their earthquake fastening needs, we advise that they Contact Secure-It a General Contracting Firm (fully licensed & bonded) that provides seismic consultation and services. To contact Secure-it call 1-805-522-3333 or you can visit their web site at Ask the experts! Have it done right the first time!

In California we are counseled by the experts not to run outside our buildings during an earthquake. This is because we are not as likely to see total structural failure as in other countries. Our wood frame homes generally do very well in earthquakes. Strict building codes reduce the risk of structural failure in our modern (post 1933) masonry buildings. Our greatest risk of injury during an earthquake is from nonstructural hazards. Falling decorative pieces, fixtures, and heavy furniture account for a large percentage of the injuries. Nonstructural hazard mitigation is one of the least expensive ways to decrease the incidence of injury. Please follow our earthquake risk reduction guide for your home which contains identified hazards and some suggested solutions.

Your workplace has the legal obligation to ensure that the work environment is free of hazards to employees. This includes items that may become dangerous during the seismic activities of earthquakes. Office buildings are known to shake and shift drastically during an earthquake causing everyday work equipment into deadly hazards. Please follow our earthquake risk reduction guide for your office which contains helpful tips on ways to secure your office for an earthquake.