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School Emergency Preparedness

School Fundraiser Program

Are you tired of the same candy bar and other unsuccessful fundraisers? Finally, there is a school fundraiser that makes your community and school safer while driving revenue back to your school.

Your school can earn 10% cash back or 20% credit for all orders that your school generates through order forms, web orders, and phone orders.

Whether your school needs to generate money or just wants to get free emergency preparedness supplies, we can help. We have over 25 years of experience working with schools to make their fundraiser campaigns successful.

School Fundraiser Program

    Here's how it works:

  • Sign up your school.
  • Collect order and checks.
  • Fill out order form and child prize selections.
  • Return the complete order form and check for total amount.
  • It's hassle free! We do all the fulfillment. All orders are sent to addresses provided within 30 days from the end of the fundraiser.

Earn a 10% cash back or a 20% credit on orders that your school generates through:

Order Forms - Upon signing up, your school will receive Fundraiser Product Flyers and Order Forms to distribute to your students. Students fill out order forms, collect checks, and receive an item on the prize sheet (contact us for latest prize sheet). Your school receives a percentage of all sales.

Web Orders - Upon signing up, your school will be assigned a 5 digit code that supporters of your fundraiser can enter upon checkout. Your school will receive a percentage of all sales from customers who enter your code upon checkout.

Phone Orders - Supporters can also provide your school's 5 digit code to customer service representatives when placing a phone order using our toll free number - 1-800-2-PREPARE. Your school will receive a percentage of all sales from customers who provide this code when placing their order.

    Your school can be proud to announce a new fundraiser that:

  • DOES NOT just help the dentist like selling candy bars.
  • DOES NOT teach our children to eat the wrong foods like bake sales.
  • DOES teach our children the valuable lesson of helping our community!
  • DOES help our nation BE PREPARED!

Let Us Help You Prepare