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Emergency Supplies
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Multi-use Emergency Utility Gas/Water Shut Off Tool Multi-use Emergency Utility Gas/Water Shut Off Tool

EXCESS INVENTORY SALE! Emergency multi-use utility tool used to turn off gas and water, pry open doors/windows, and to aid in search and rescue operations. Perfect addition to any homeowner's survival supplies. Made of tough heat treated alloy this…  MORE>


Waterproof Matches Waterproof Matches

These Waterproof Matches can be a real lifesaver in a survival situation when you need to start a fire in a wet environment. These matches light even when wet. Amazing!


Water Storage Bag Water Storage Bag

A 2-gallon water storage bag for storing and transporting emergency water. Ideal for use with Water Purification Tablets for treating water from unsafe water source and transporting by foot to safety.


Deluxe Pet First Aid Kit Deluxe Pet First Aid Kit

This ER™ EMERGENCY READY Pet First Aid Kit contains emergency pet first aid items from nose to tail! Product Shelf Life: Medicines and ointments expire 12 months from MFG Date


Toilet Seat Toilet Seat

Toilet seat that snaps on to 5-gallon container. Designed with snap on molded seat and lid that works great for emergency preparedness.


Toilet Wipes - 100 Pack Toilet Wipes - 100 Pack

Box of 100 toilet wipes for emergency sanitation preparation. Product Shelf Life: 12 months


BioBlue Toilet Chemicals - 12 Pack BioBlue Toilet Chemicals - 12 Pack

Portable toilet sanitation chemicals - 12-pack.


Survival Knife Kit Survival Knife Kit

Emergency survival knife kit for disaster preparation.


Fluorescent Lantern Fluorescent Lantern

Emergency fluorescent lanterns are great for disaster preparedness. Provides wide area of illumination for your shelter. Adjustable settings to control battery-life.


Emergency Candles Emergency Candles

DEEP DISCOUNT! ER™ EMERGENCY READY Candles provide both emergency light and warmth for your hands following a disaster when power-outages are likely. Includes 5 candles. Each candle burns brightly for 5 hours.