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Emergency Supplies
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CPR - Bloodborne Pathogen Kit CPR - Bloodborne Pathogen Kit

This emergency CPR and bloodborne pathogen kit offers protection from bleeding victims while administering CPR and first aid.


Gas Shut-Off Wrench Gas Shut-Off Wrench

Emergency gas shut-off wrench for disaster preparation.


Caution - Barricade Tape Caution - Barricade Tape

Emergency barricade tape for disaster relief.


Vinyl Gloves Vinyl Gloves

Emergency vinyl gloves for disaster preparation.


Emergency Strobe Light Emergency Strobe Light

Emergency Strobe Light with a 3-mile visibility! Strobe lights are excellent for getting attention of emergency responders in a survival situation. Strobe lights are standard issue for pilots and wilderness enthusiasts in case they get stranded or …  MORE>


3M Particulate Respirator - N95 - 9210 3M Particulate Respirator - N95 - 9210

3M N95 Mask as recommended by CDC for protection from a pandemic flu. After a disaster or terrorist attack, dangerous debris, bacteria, and fumes can be kicked up into the air we breathe. This particulate mask will protect you from at least 95% fil…  MORE>


Cot - Stretcher Cot - Stretcher

Emergency cot/stretcher for disaster relief.


Personal Safety Set Personal Safety Set

Individual safety set for disaster preparation.


Polyethelene Tarp - 10' x 12' Polyethelene Tarp - 10' x 12'

Waterproof tarp for emergency shelter. 10' x 12'


Out of State Contact Cards Out of State Contact Cards

Fill out these cards with your out of state relatives' and friends' information so you can keep them informed of your safety.