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Emergency Supplies
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Emergency Flashlight Emergency Flashlight

Emergency 2 'D' Cell Flashlight. Should be strategically placed throughout houses, offices, schools, and vehicles in case of a power-outage.


CPR - Bloodborne Pathogen Kit CPR - Bloodborne Pathogen Kit

This emergency CPR and bloodborne pathogen kit offers protection from bleeding victims while administering CPR and first aid.


Gas Shut-Off Wrench Gas Shut-Off Wrench

Emergency gas shut-off wrench for disaster preparation.


Caution - Barricade Tape Caution - Barricade Tape

Emergency barricade tape for disaster relief.


Vinyl Gloves Vinyl Gloves

Emergency vinyl gloves for disaster preparation.


Emergency Strobe Light Emergency Strobe Light

Emergency Strobe Light with a 3-mile visibility! Strobe lights are excellent for getting attention of emergency responders in a survival situation. Strobe lights are standard issue for pilots and wilderness enthusiasts in case they get stranded or …  MORE>


3M Particulate Respirator - N95 - 9210 3M Particulate Respirator - N95 - 9210

3M N95 Mask as recommended by CDC for protection from a pandemic flu. After a disaster or terrorist attack, dangerous debris, bacteria, and fumes can be kicked up into the air we breathe. This particulate mask will protect you from at least 95% fil…  MORE>


Cot - Stretcher Cot - Stretcher

Emergency cot/stretcher for disaster relief.


Personal Safety Set Personal Safety Set

Individual safety set for disaster preparation.


Polyethelene Tarp - 10' x 12' Polyethelene Tarp - 10' x 12'

Waterproof tarp for emergency shelter. 10' x 12'