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Emergency Radios

Emergency Radio

Emergency Radio

Emergency Radios

The last thing you need when a disaster strikes is to lose contact with the outside world. Not knowing what is happening in your neighborhood or city can put you and your loved ones at a disadvantage in reaching safe haven, or even in harm's way.

An emergency radio that is reliable is one of the most important things you can invest in. Quake Kare offers the solar/ hand crank style, which does not require batteries. Who has the time to find working batteries in a crisis? No one!

There are more bonuses of owning our Solar / Hand-Crank Powered Emergency Radio. It also comes with a built-in flashlight & cell phone charger!

The emergency radio charges itself via a built-in solar panel and hand-crank generator, which means you can hand-crank it if there is no sunlight, or you can charge it using the sun's energy. You will never have to deal with a radio that has old batteries again.

The LED flashbulb has 100,000 hours available for use of the flashlight. That equates to over one year (4167 days) of non-stop use if the light were to stay on the entire time.

This must-have emergency radio can also be used to power your cell phone in case of an emergency and best of all, for less than $25 you can add this emergency radio to any of your emergency kits.

Don't put off purchasing an emergency radio. Carry it with you wherever you go, or purchase several for your home, car, school and work. You can also gift one to friends and family. They will be deeply indebted to you the first time they need to use it.

Use it only in case of an emergency and not for play so that you have access to the outside world when you need it most.

Stay safe!
Your Quake Kare Team.