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Solar Radios

Solar Radio

Solar Radio

Solar Powered Radio

Quake Kare's Solar Radio is hand-crank powered and features a flashlight, radio and a cell phone charger all in one. It never needs batteries. It charges via a built in solar panel and a hand-crank generator. It can also be used to power cell phones in case of an emergency. This emergency radio makes a very unique gift for anyone during the holidays and will be much appreciated during an emergency when electricity can become a commodity. The following features make this an essential item in your emergency survival kits.

Super Bright LED Flashlight - LED bulb provides over 100,000 hours of emergency light.

AM/FM Radio - Receives excellent reception for tuning into emergency broadcasts.

Solar Power - Most flashlight & radios use batteries which have a limited storage & usage time. Solar panel allows you to charge the internal battery by placing in direct light for unlimited usage.

Hand Crank Power - Built in generator allows you to charge the internal battery by cranking with your hand so that you never run out of battery power.

Mobile Phone Charger - Can help save lives, by providing enough power for a short voice or text conversation. Comes with universal adapter that connects to your phone's car charger.

Flashing LED Siren - Attract rescue attention with a bright red flashing LED siren.