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Space Blankets

Space Blanket

Space Blanket

Space Blanket

Quake Kare's Space Blanket provides compact emergency protection in all weather conditions. It is made of durable insulating mylar material that was designed by NASA for space exploration. It retains and reflects back 90 percent of body heat, but also deflects sun exposure! This unique space blanket also prevents post accident shock by retaining the patient's body heat. It is reusable, waterproof and windproof. The dimensions are 52 inches by 84 inches.

The space blanket is lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to store or carry with you on outdoor activities and camping trips. The best places to keep the space blanket are in your car and in your home. Make sure you have one for each member of your family; in case of an emergency when weather conditions are likely to be extreme.

According to Wikipedia:

In their principal usage, space blankets are included in many emergency, first aid, and survival kits because they are usually waterproof and windproof. That, along with their light weight and ability to pack into a small space, has made them popular among outdoor enthusiasts and emergency workers. Space blankets are often given to marathoners at the end of races. The material may be used in conjunction with conductive insulation material and may be formed into a bag for use as a bivouac sack (survival bag).

In first aid the blankets are used to prevent/counter hypothermia. A threefold action facilitates this.

The airtight foil reduces convection.

Heat loss due to evaporation of perspiration, moisture or blood is minimized by the same mechanism

To a limited extent the reflective surface inhibits losses due to thermal radiation. This is why it's more effective to use the silver side towards the body, if the blanket has two differently colored sides.

In a hot environment they can be used to provide shade, but using them to wrap a person would be counterproductive, because body heat would get trapped by the airtight foil. This effect would exceed any benefit gained from heat reflection to the outside.

Space blankets are used to reduce heat loss from a person's body, but as they are constructed of PET film, they can be used for other applications for which this material is useful, such as insulating containers, for DIY solar projects, and other applications.

Add this space blanket to your emergency preparedness arsenal today.