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Survival Foods

Survival Food

Survival Food

Survival Food

Most people store survival food in the form of canned goods. The problem is foods that are canned contain a lot of sodium that will make the consumer extremely thirsty. That is not what you want when water rations are running low.

Quake Kare offers several ER Food Bars, which are US Coast Guard approved. Our 2400 and 3600 calorie survival food packs contain 3-day emergency ration food bars with a 5-year shelf life. They offer a non-thirst provoking formula that is engineered to provide disaster victims with a perfect blend of required calories and nutrients to survive for 3 days. It is specially packaged to store for 5 years, even in extreme temperatures and extraordinary conditions.

The hermetic sealing is corrosion-resistant and meets the MIL-131 Barrier Materials Standards. With the 5-year shelf life the replacement costs of survival food is lessened.

ER Bars can withstand temperatures of minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit to 149 degrees Fahrenheit due to the special sealing.

Other emergency food bars contain tropical oils, coconut and nuts that some people are allergic to. These bars are not good to eat if you have allergies and when emergency personnel are extremely busy dealing with a disaster.

Quake Kare's ER Bars are well-balance with moisture, salt, carbs, protein and fat and they have a wonderful lemon-vanilla flavor. They do not require water or any other means of preparation.

Survival Food for Pets

Not every pet owner thinks of their pet when it comes to a disaster. Quake Kare offers a formula for your dog or cat that meets 100% of their recommended vitamins and minerals. The packages are vacuum-sealed and have a shelf life of 5 years. This survival food is formulated to meet nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog/Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.

This unique product is available only through Quake Kare.