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Water Purification Tablet

Water Purification Tablets

Water Purification TabletsWater Purification Tablets

Water Purification Tablets are one of the most forgotten items when it comes to putting together a solid emergency kit for yourself and your loved ones.

Naturally, Quake Kare offers water purification tablets in our survival kits, but it is an absolute necessity if you are putting together a survival kit on your own.

It goes without saying that water can easily become contaminated for many different reasons during a crisis situation. Even during outdoor activities such as camping you can safely use these water purification tablets to purify water from a lake or a stream. Let's face it; the days of drinking directly from a mountain stream are over. Pure Mountain Spring water is hardly found on this planet anymore. In fact, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 90 percent of the Earth's water is contaminated in some way.

When you are camping in remote areas, don't be fooled by the crystal clear waters that may be nearby and tempting you. Use water purification tablets to disinfect the microscopic organisms that can contaminate water supplies and cause potentially serious, even fatal, illnesses among wilderness travelers. The dangers in the backcountry from these infections are loss of fluid due to diarrhea and vomiting which can lead to possible death.

Quake Kare's Water Purification Tablets are used to purify available water for drinking. One water purification table purifies 1 liter of unsanitary water. These water purification tablets are great for emergencies and the outdoors.

Things to remember:

Water purification tablets will not remove toxins from water. So if you are vacationing in an ancient foreign city and you treat the water from the tap with these tablets, they will not remove lead, mercury or other toxic pollutants from the water. Check with your country's consulate before trying to treat local tap water.