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Emergency Survival Kits & Supplies

Emergency Survival Kits

Emergency Survival Kits

Each of our survival kits come with a 3 day survival supply of 5 year shelf life, u.s. coast guard approved emergency food and water.

Emergency Accessory Kits

Emergency Kits

Emergency Accessory Kits are designed to supplement the Home Survival Kit with additional emergency supplies to prepare your home for specific types of disasters.

Emergency Food Supplies

Emergency Food Rations

We proudly offer US Coast Guard Approved ER Bar Emergency Food Ration Bars which provide a 3 Day supply of perfectly balanced nutrition and have a 5 year shelf-life.

Emergency Water Supplies

Emergency Water Supplies

We offer a variety of Emergency Water Rations and Supplies including 3 day supply and 5 year shelf-life water ration that are US Coast Guard Approved.

Emergency Lights & Radios

Emergency Lights & Radios

We maintain a wide selection of Emergency Lights and Radios to meet your specific needs. In a disaster situation, electricity may be out for up to several weeks.

Emergency First Aid

Emergency First Aid Supplies

We have a diverse selection of Emergency First Aid Kits and Supplies including OSHA Approved First Aid Kits.

Emergency Search & Rescue

Emergency Search & Rescue Supplies

Emergency Search and Rescue Supplies are a necessary part of your emergency preparedness as buildings may collapse in a disaster situation.

Emergency Shelter Supplies

Emergency Shelter Supplies

Emergency Shelter Supplies are necessary for emergency preparedness as the structural stability of your buildings will likely be compromised following a major disaster.

Emergency Sanitation Supplies

Emergency Sanitation Supplies

Emergency sanitation supplies are often overlooked in disaster planning. After a catastrophic disaster, water and the use of plumbing will be unavailable.

Emergency Terrorism Preparedness Supplies

Emergency Terrorism Supplies

TerrorKare supplies include the highest level of protection available from the nuclear, biological, and chemical threats that society faces today.

Emergency Pet Preparedness Supplies

Emergency Pet Supplies

Preparedness experts along with animal organizations and veterinarians worked together to create the PetKare line of emergency pet preparedness products.