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Pepper Spray
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Pepper Spray (8PS)

Emergency pepper spray - no license required.

 $19.95   $9.95
Quantity Discounts:
3-19 $9.45
20-49 $8.95
50-99 $8.45
For larger quantities, please call for price quote.

Pepper spray provides the ultimate in personal defense! Its inflammatory effects cause the eyes to close, taking away vision of your assailant.

It will incapacitate your attacker up to 30 minutes allowing you time to safely escape and marks the assailant with UV dye for easy identification by law enforcement.


It is recommend to keep this all-natural red pepper spray handy at all times. Don't answer the door or walk through a dark parking lot without it again!

This unit delivers a potent liquid blast up to 10 -12 feet and is more effective than mace or tear gas in deterring attacks - including those from dogs and bears.


(1) Bottle of Pepper Spray

Brand: Crime Halter
Weight: 0.1 lbs.
Needs Supplied: search and rescue supplies
Dimensions: 6.75" x 4.75" x 2"
Disaster Usage: earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, winter storms, terrorist attacks, floods
Material: 15% all-natural Oleoresin Capsicum (red pepper)
UV identifying dye
Features and Functions:

Don't be a victim! Protect yourself from assault.
Uses natural ingredients - the red pepper plant.
No license required to carry.
Marks your attacker for identification.
More effective than mace or tear gas.
Leatherette snap top case, key ring and pocket/belt loop clip.
Features a safety lock.

Instructions: Unlock red actuator
Aim at face of assailant
Press down firmly, using short bursts