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Are You Concerned About a Nuclear Threat?

nuclear reactors, Georgia

With North Korea threatening the US and other Western countries, you may be wondering about our safety. Closer to home, an accident on March 31 at a nuclear plant in Arkansas resulted in one death. Even though the accident took place in a non-radiation area, it is almost impossible not to think of what could have been.

A nuclear emergency isn’t just stuff that movies are made of. It is a very real possibility that you should prepare for. Most people in the US live relatively close to a nuclear reactor site. Interestingly, 21% of states have no plans to monitor radiation if there is a disaster (according to a 2011 study), so that means you may have to rely on yourself completely.

Do you have a nuclear preparedness kit and a plan?

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One thought on “Are You Concerned About a Nuclear Threat?

  1. I think I’m more concerned about a nuclear plant disaster rather than an outside nuclear attack. Either way you have to be prepared with a good quality terrorist kit and some emergency radios. I think these are the things most Americans are lacking in their “survival supplies”.

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