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Employee Safety Day Program In Action

Did you know that Quake Kare will send an emergency preparedness expert to your workplace to help make your employees safe? With our employee safety day program, we will make our emergency kits and supplies available at special prices and without the additional shipping costs. Our preparedness expert will also be available to demo products and answer questions. We can also provide a limited time online discount code for your employees to use to buy kits and supplies from our website.

Emergency KitsWe can tell you from experience that employees really appreciate the easy and cost-effective way of getting kits and supplies for them cars and homes. It will make your employees feel safe while at work and away from their families. And, it will remind them that your company cares about their safety and well-being. To take advantage of this opportunity, call us today at 1-800-2-PREPARE and ask about our Employee Safety Day Program.

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4 thoughts on “Employee Safety Day Program In Action

    • Hi Madison,

      Thanks for the interest. Sounds like an exciting opportunity to help get the community prepared. I will have an appropriate representative from Quake Kare email you to discuss some options.

  1. I am on a newly formed safety committee for a small courthouse in NE Kansas. We are trying to develop some safety plans. I found your website and would like to know about your program including some details and cost for an employee safety day.

    • Thanks for contacting us. We can certainly help with that. Let me forward this request to someone who can help with that.

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