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Finding Assistance After a Disaster

assistance after a disaster

You already know how important it is to be prepared. You have a first aid kit, a survival kit, kits in your car and in your office. You have taken extra precautions to be ready for tornadoes, hurricanes or whatever disaster is common where you live.

Sometimes, no matter how prepared you think you are, you still need a little help to get back on your feet after a disaster. Do you know how to find the help you need?

With 17 government agencies offering 70 forms of disaster assistance programs, wading through all the paperwork can feel like another kind of disaster all together – one that could make you want to give up trying to get help.

Fortunately, there is help available if you are seeking federal aid including help from FEMA or the SBA. DisasterAssistance.gov is a one-stop source to make applying for assistance a little bit easier. There, you can apply for assistance online and also check the status of your application.

Fill out a questionnaire and you will find out which programs you may qualify for. To apply, have your social security number, insurance information, damage information, financial information, contact information, and if you are approved for assistance, you can also give direct deposit information.

You may also qualify for state and local programs. To find out what kind of local help is available, contact your county’s Department of Health and Human Services.

We all strive to be self-sufficient, but when our own preps and help from family and friends isn’t enough, it is nice to know someone else may be able to give a helping hand.

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