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Keep Calm and Carry On Preparing


There certainly is a lot going on in the news lately. Shootings, bombings, severe weather, earthquakes. Someone even sent a letter laced with the poison ricin to the President, apparently in an attempt to assassinate him. Then there is the threat of nuclear missiles from North Korea.

Seems like the world has gone crazy.

Events like these can cause a great deal of anxiety, especially when so much misinformation is spread along with legitimate news. This is one reason why preparedness is so important. When you are prepared, it alleviates stress and anxiety over “what if” because you know you can take care of your family if there is an emergency or disaster.

No matter what the emergency, staying calm is essential. If you have the supplies you need for survival and you have practiced a disaster plan with your family, you can respond appropriately without over reacting. Reactions based on logic, and not fear, will keep a bad situation from getting worse.

What types of events are you concerned about? How are you preparing for them?

Whatever your worst case scenario, keep calm and continue preparing so you are ready to handle the situation safely.

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