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Learn Your Kit: 4 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit


While it’s easy to purchase a pre-made survival kit and feel like you are prepared, your kit may not be very helpful if you don’t understand what’s in it.

When you get your kit, it is important to dive in an explore what’s inside. Go through it often to familiarize yourself with the valuable tools inside.

I like to recommend the 4 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit because it had what you need to survive as well as enough for others. This is useful if you have a family to care for, but may also be important if you are with friends or co-workers when a disaster strikes.

Food Bars: This kit has enough food bars to provide 4 people with the calories and nutrients they need to survive for 3 days. I recommend trying them before you need them, just to familiarize yourself with what they are like. You can easily order replacement food bars to keep in your kit. Food bars are good for 5 years.

Out of State Contact Cards: Contact cards need to be taken out of your kit and filled out. They do no good sitting in your pack in an emergency. If you haven’t learned your kit, you won’t even know they are in there. Be prepared and fill them out.

Solar/Hand Crank Powered Radio: You should also try out your weather radio so you know how it works. Put it in the sun and give it time to charge so it is ready when you need it. It will need to be recharged every few months, so don’t just throw it in your pack and forget about it.

Medium Sized First Aid Kit: Take the plastic off that first aid kit and get familiar with its contents. Fill out the emergency numbers on the first aid guide so you have them when you need them. Read through the basic first aid treatment for the various situations listed in the guide. Knowing what to do and how to do it will ensure that you can act quickly in an emergency.

These are just a few of the items in your 4 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit. Make sure  you go through it periodically to refresh your memory as well as to make a list of what needs replacing so it is always ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Keep this kit in your car or in your office. Also, have one at home that is ready to grab if evacuation is necessary.

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