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Preparing for Disaster with a Radio

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You have probably head that it is important to have an AM/FM radio in your emergency kit, but you may not be sure what you need it for. TV Weatherman Al Roker recently said if he could have just one thing in an emergency, it would be a weather radio.

The fact is, an AM/FM weather radio can help you prepare for disasters by providing you with vital information while traveling, as well as during an extreme weather event.

Do you know how to find emergency information on your AM radio?

One way your AM radio can help you is with Highway Advisory Radio, also called Travelers’ Information Station. By locating the Highway Advisory Radio station in your location, you can be warned about travel advisories and other emergency information that is broadcast by federal, state and local authorities.

Find out the stations near you by visiting the FCC Travelers’ Information Station Search page.

The National Weather Service can broadcast emergency information via AM radio stations as well. You can find your area on the Nationwide Station Listing page and keep your emergency radio tuned to the correct station to provide you information on all hazards so you won’t be caught by surprise.

If you have a weather radio, you may have a real advantage. Weather radios can pick up special Weather Radio broadcasts that an AM/FM radio cannot pick up on seven Weather Band NOAA Channels.

Weather radios will help you track approaching weather and take shelter if necessary. They will alert you to emergency information during a disaster that may be unattainable by other means, such as when there is no power for TV or Internet. You will feel safer when you what what is happening and what to about it.

Keep an AM/FM weather radio in your emergency kit as well as in your car kit. You’ll be able to get the information you need and won’t be isolated from the rest of the world.

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