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Preparing Your Emergency Kit


While every emergency kit should contain specific items, it is important to tailor your emergency kit to meet the individual needs of your family. Ideally, you will have more than one kit for various situations.

Your Basic Emergency Kit

Your basic emergency kit should be your home kit. This should include first aid, emergency food, and water for the number of people in your home.

According to FEMA, this should contain at least three gallons of water per person, a three day supply of food for each person and a first aid kit. Additionally, it should have an emergency radio, flashlight, whistle, dust mask and sanitation supplies.

Setting up your basic emergency kit is simple. You can easily purchase a basic kit and then add the extra personal items you need.

Rounding It Out

Once you have your basic emergency supplies, you’ll want to round it out with other personal items. These items may include medications, pet supplies, baby supplies, important papers and some cash.

You should also include some comfort items such as blankets and sleeping bags, a book or a special toy for your child. Don’t forget extra clothes, including shoes.

A Word on Water

Even if you have stored three gallons of water per person, you are likely to find that more water is needed, especially in hot temperatures. While storing extra water is an option, it is also wise to have a way to purify water.

A filtration system and water purification tablets are a good backup plan to your stored water. And if you’ve ever been in an emergency situation, you know that every plan should have a backup plan.

Keep in mind, too, that storing gallons of water takes up a lot of space, and the water will only keep for about six month under ideal conditions. This is why we recommend sterilized water with a much longer shelf life.

Other Kits to Consider

In addition to your basic kit, you should also have a car kit, a kit for your office, and supplies for specific events that you are likely to encounter where you live, such as earthquakes or hurricanes.

What would you include in your emergency kit?

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