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Car Emergency Preparedness Guide

There is no place of greater importance to keep a survival kit than your car because of the fact that you are usually located within close proximity of your vehicle at all times and can gain immediate access to emergency supplies in a disaster situation.

Use our car emergency preparedness guide below ensure that you have the proper survival kits and supplies in your car to prepare you and your loved ones for a disaster:

Car Emergency Preparedness Supplies Checklist

Each of our car survival kits comes with a 72 hour supply of US Coast Guard Approved emergency food and water. Each also comes in a durable and easy to carry nylon bag so that it can be easily transported by foot.

Storing Your Car Emergency Kit

In this section you can learn tips about storing your car emergency kit.

Customizing Your Car Emergency Kit

Our deluxe car emergency preparedness kits come with all the emergency supplies we recommend for everyone but it is important to also consider the personal items that you should include. We have put together a list of personal supplies you may want to consider including.

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