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Very Active Hurricane Season Expected

2013 hurricane season is expected to be very active

As we approach the peak of hurricane season, which began on June 1, NOAA has changed its earlier predictions. While they still expect this year to be above normal, it is expected that La Nina will be responsible for slightly reducing the number that was expected in the original forecast.

This year’s Atlantic season is expected to spawn 13 to 19 tropical storms, with 6 to 9 actually developing into hurricanes. This sounds similar to last year when there were 19 tropical storms and 10 hurricanes.

This year’s strongest storm is Hurricane Henriette in the Pacific, a Category 1 at the time of this writing. It is expected to strengthen as it approaches Hawaii. So far the Pacific has seen 8 tropical storms with 4 developing into hurricanes. The Atlantic has seen 4 tropical storms and no hurricanes – yet.

Are you prepared for hurricane season this year? Be sure to pay attention to the forecast and evacuate if directed to do so. Also, make sure you have the right supplies with a home survival kit that fits the size of your family and a hurricane kit to have the right tools to protect your home and family.

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Flooding Dangers Affect All

You may think you don’t have to worry about flooding, but did you know that 20% of National Flood Insurance Program claims are filed by people who do not live in high risk areas? That means, no matter where you live, you may have to deal with flooding at one time or another.

Flood insurance is a wise investment. The average claim is over $35,000 but the average policy is less than $700 a year. Your policy could be more or less depending on where you live, but people who live in low-risk areas have the lowest rates – as low as $129 a year.

There is little you can do to protect your property from a serious flood. Since flood do not give advanced warning, you may not have time to do much before your home is ruined. The best preparation is to be sure you are covered, just in case.

Do you have flood insurance?

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After the events of the last week or so, I started to think about the residents of Boston being asked to stay indoors during the manhunt. It didn’t last long, but what if it had? What if, instead of a request to stay indoors, the city was locked down for days or weeks?

In a case like this, having emergency supplies can really reduce the stress of the situation. First aid supplies, emergency food and water can all make you feel better about having to shelter in place for a prolonged period of time.

This could happen if there is a disease outbreak or a terrorist attack. Really, even severe weather could result in you being “stranded” at home, so the idea isn’t as far fetched as you may think.

Have you thought about what you’d need if you had to shelter in place for a period of time?

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Wild Weather Means Being Prepared for Anything

This is a funny time of year. From one day to the next, you aren’t sure if you will get rain, sunny skies, snow or tornadoes. Or all of the above.

Keeping up with the weather forecast can be exhausting in the early spring when it seems like a new season every few hours. The best way to go is to prepare for anything and everything.

Instead of preparing for a specific weather event, consider being prepared for severe weather in general. Create a basic survival kit and then add items for more specific weather events. You may find that most of the things you need will be useful no matter what kind of weather disaster you encounter.

For example, having water and food bars for your family is important no matter what happens. Have a supply in your home, in each vehicle and in your boat, as well as packed in with your camping gear.

Emergency lights, shelter and an emergency radio will serve you well in nearly any situation.

Some people shy away from the hurricane kit because they don’t live in an area prone to hurricanes. However, the supplies in that kit are useful in severe winter weather as well as in the case of a tornado. Personally, I feel everyone should own a hurricane kit as well as a survival kit.

When you browse the kits available, don’t just look at the name of the kit. Look at what that kit contains and how it can be put to use in a variety of situations.

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Tornado Readiness Resources

It’s spring and that means we will probably be seeing an increase in tornado activity. Are you prepared to take shelter if a tornado is coming your way?

Go through the items in your emergency kit to be sure nothing is outdated and everything works properly. Make copies of important documents and put them in a zipper bag to keep in your emergency kit.

Be sure you have a weather radio in your home and in your vehicle so you can stay aware of weather alerts.

Brush up on safety procedures with your family. Here are some links with useful information:

Discovery.com shows us 5 Tornado Safety Myths Debunked. Knowing what is fact and what is fiction is essential to staying safe during a tornado.

Iowa State University has Tornado Safety Rules so you’ll know what to do if you’re at home, in a car, in a motel or in a mobile home.

Emergency preparedness organizations offer a Tornado Safety Checklist PDF that you can print off and keep handy. They also offer a Tornado Warning & Alert app for Android and iPhone. It provides you with step-by-step instructions, quizzes, and everything you need to know about tornado safety and preparedness.

The following video is great to share with the family so everyone understands Tornado Safety.

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