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Learn Your Kit: 4 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit


While it’s easy to purchase a pre-made survival kit and feel like you are prepared, your kit may not be very helpful if you don’t understand what’s in it.

When you get your kit, it is important to dive in an explore what’s inside. Go through it often to familiarize yourself with the valuable tools inside.

I like to recommend the 4 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit because it had what you need to survive as well as enough for others. This is useful if you have a family to care for, but may also be important if you are with friends or co-workers when a disaster strikes.

Food Bars: This kit has enough food bars to provide 4 people with the calories and nutrients they need to survive for 3 days. I recommend trying them before you need them, just to familiarize yourself with what they are like. You can easily order replacement food bars to keep in your kit. Food bars are good for 5 years.

Out of State Contact Cards: Contact cards need to be taken out of your kit and filled out. They do no good sitting in your pack in an emergency. If you haven’t learned your kit, you won’t even know they are in there. Be prepared and fill them out.

Solar/Hand Crank Powered Radio: You should also try out your weather radio so you know how it works. Put it in the sun and give it time to charge so it is ready when you need it. It will need to be recharged every few months, so don’t just throw it in your pack and forget about it.

Medium Sized First Aid Kit: Take the plastic off that first aid kit and get familiar with its contents. Fill out the emergency numbers on the first aid guide so you have them when you need them. Read through the basic first aid treatment for the various situations listed in the guide. Knowing what to do and how to do it will ensure that you can act quickly in an emergency.

These are just a few of the items in your 4 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit. Make sure  you go through it periodically to refresh your memory as well as to make a list of what needs replacing so it is always ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Keep this kit in your car or in your office. Also, have one at home that is ready to grab if evacuation is necessary.

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Emergency Preparedness Plan – Learn Your Kit


Every person should have an emergency preparedness plan. If you have a family, you should make a point of going over your plan on a regular basis so everyone understands it. It may seem inconvenient at first, but you’ll be thankful if there is a disaster.

Each person in the family should have a basic survival kit as well as a few personal items like clothing, medications and important papers. But, the worst thing you can do is get everyone a kit and forget about it. A big part of your emergency preparedness plan should be to learn your kit.

Pull out those items and explore what they are and how they work. Fill out the out of state contact cards as part of your emergency preparedness plan. Try out the hand crank/solar radio and see how all the functions work. Check out the various tools on the Swiss Army style knife so you know what they all are used for.

Make sure you read the survival guide. This is information you need to know before a disaster strikes. Don’t wait until there is an emergency and then try to look up the information you need, because that will waste valuable time.

Go through the items in your first aid kit and make sure you understand how to use them. A first aid kit is useless if you can’t use the items in it. Also, read the first aid guide for valuable information that could help you in an emergency.

You should also take some time to unfold an emergency blanket and the emergency tent. Try the food bars and see how easy it is to use the emergency water. Don’t worry; these items can be replaced. Right now, when there is no disaster to worry about, is the time to get familiar with everything in your survival kit.

If knowledge is power, learning about everything in your kit will empower you and your family to survive an emergency.

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Al Roker Thinks You Should be Prepared

Al Roker

Al makes a pretty convincing argument in this video. Are you ready for extreme weather like hurricanes, tornadoes or blizzards? Don’t forget an emergency radio. Even Al has one!

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Options for Emergency Lights

emergency flashlight


No home should be without at least one emergency light, and ideally and emergency radio.

A solar/hand crank emergency radio with an LED light built in is perfect. If the power goes out in a disaster, you will be glad you can get emergency updates and see to get around.

But why is it so important to have an LED light? Isn’t a regular flashlight good enough? While it is a good idea to have regular flashlights, you should not rely on them alone. An LED light has many advantages over a regular flashlight.

LED lights are extremely efficient and they last a very long time, which is perfect if there is an emergency. You don’t have to worry that your light may not work. LED lights do not have bulbs with filaments, so there is no worry about replacing broken lightbulbs. As long as your battery works, you’ll have light.

Our emergency LED lights/radios have LiPo batteries, so a dead battery is nothing to worry about either. LiPo stands for lithium-ion polymer. These batteries are long lasting and rechargeable.

The combination of an LED light with a LiPo battery in a hand crank/solar radio is perfect whether you want it for emergency disaster use, or to keep in your car or boat. Whatever use you have for it, it will always be ready when you need it.

Our Solar/Hand Crank Flashlight with AM/FM and Weather Band Radio is also able to charge your cell phone with a car charger or USB port.

As a secondary light, consider the Solar/Handcrank Flashlight with AM/FM Radio. While it doesn’t have Weather Band, it does have a flashing strobe light for emergency signaling as well as a siren. Both lights together will provide your family with light and security in an emergency.

You should also have an emergency light in your vehicle, as well as in your pack if you spend any time in the wilderness, to signal for help. The Emergency Strobe Light is perfect for this.

It is important to have various light sources in an emergency situation. An emergency candle will provide light and warmth. Just be sure it is always supervised to reduce the risk of fire. Emergency candles are also good for camping.

What kind of emergency lights do you have?

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Tornado Readiness


What was supposed to be a magical Christmas turned into a nightmare for many folks who were hit by one of the 40 tornadoes that wreaked havoc across the southern part of the country, leaving six people dead.

It is just another sad lesson, showing us that disasters can strike at any time without care of what’s convenient or if it is a special day for your family. Typically, “tornado season” is during the spring and summer months, so who would expect a string of tornadoes to strike in late December?

Preparedness is essential, no matter the season. Do you know what to do during a tornado?

As soon as you get a tornado warning, seek shelter. Don’t wait around to see what will happen.

If you are in a building, you should go to the lowest level. Ideally, you should choose an interior room with no windows, that is away from doors, corners of the building and outside walls. Climb under a sturdy table and be ready to put your arms over your head and neck for protection from debris.

If you are in a vehicle or mobile home, get out right away and seek shelter in the lower level of a nearby building. If you live in a mobile home, figure out ahead of time where a safe shelter is. You don’t want to be figuring that little detail out in the midst of a tornado.

If you are outside and cannot seek shelter in a building or storm shelter, lie flat in a ditch or low area and cover your head with your arms. Flooding is a possibility, so keep aware in case you need to move quickly.

Some people think hiding under a bridge or overpass is a good idea during a tornado. However, this is not true. You will be safest in a low, flat location.

You should also be aware that there will be debris flying around. This is what causes the most injuries during a tornado.

It is interesting to note that tornadoes usually occur between 3 and 9 pm, but they can occur any time, so always be ready. Make sure you have a battery operated or hand crank weather radio to monitor the situation while you shelter. You should also have a flashlight or other emergency lighting. Make sure your first aid kit is fully supplied as well.

photo credit: NOAA Photo Library via photopin cc

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