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5 Wilderness Survival Tips

wilderness survival

Believe it or not, it is spring. At least according to the calendar. That means temperatures will start warming and we will start spending more time outdoors. For many, that means camping, fishing, hiking and a variety of other activities in wilderness areas.

Before you take off into the great outdoors, consider these wilderness survival tips to ensure that you come home safe and sound.

1. Have a plan. Decide ahead of time where you will go, what route you will take and when you will return. Make a copy of this information and leave it with someone who isn’t going along with you. If you do not return when expected, this person will be able to contact authorities for help.

2. Dress for the possibilities. It may be sunny and warm when you leave, but the weather can change quickly, especially if you are in mountain areas. Make sure you bring extra clothing just in case the temperatures drop or a sudden storm blows in.

3. Know the area. If you are visiting a place you’ve never explored before, have a map to help you find your way around. Stay on established trails if at all possible. Nothing ruins an outing faster than getting lost.

4. Be aware of your surroundings. Pay close attention to loose rocks and other hazards that may cause you to fall and injure yourself. Keep an eye out for local wildlife so you can avoid dangerous confrontations.

5. Bring emergency supplies. At the very least, bring a small first aid kit, extra food, water and/or a water filtration bottle, and an emergency blanket or two. Also carry a flashlight and have a way to start a fire. If you get lost or hurt, you will need these items to stay warm, build a shelter and signal for help.

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Learn Your Kit: 4 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit


While it’s easy to purchase a pre-made survival kit and feel like you are prepared, your kit may not be very helpful if you don’t understand what’s in it.

When you get your kit, it is important to dive in an explore what’s inside. Go through it often to familiarize yourself with the valuable tools inside.

I like to recommend the 4 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit because it had what you need to survive as well as enough for others. This is useful if you have a family to care for, but may also be important if you are with friends or co-workers when a disaster strikes.

Food Bars: This kit has enough food bars to provide 4 people with the calories and nutrients they need to survive for 3 days. I recommend trying them before you need them, just to familiarize yourself with what they are like. You can easily order replacement food bars to keep in your kit. Food bars are good for 5 years.

Out of State Contact Cards: Contact cards need to be taken out of your kit and filled out. They do no good sitting in your pack in an emergency. If you haven’t learned your kit, you won’t even know they are in there. Be prepared and fill them out.

Solar/Hand Crank Powered Radio: You should also try out your weather radio so you know how it works. Put it in the sun and give it time to charge so it is ready when you need it. It will need to be recharged every few months, so don’t just throw it in your pack and forget about it.

Medium Sized First Aid Kit: Take the plastic off that first aid kit and get familiar with its contents. Fill out the emergency numbers on the first aid guide so you have them when you need them. Read through the basic first aid treatment for the various situations listed in the guide. Knowing what to do and how to do it will ensure that you can act quickly in an emergency.

These are just a few of the items in your 4 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit. Make sure  you go through it periodically to refresh your memory as well as to make a list of what needs replacing so it is always ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Keep this kit in your car or in your office. Also, have one at home that is ready to grab if evacuation is necessary.

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Emergency Preparedness Plan – Learn Your Kit


Every person should have an emergency preparedness plan. If you have a family, you should make a point of going over your plan on a regular basis so everyone understands it. It may seem inconvenient at first, but you’ll be thankful if there is a disaster.

Each person in the family should have a basic survival kit as well as a few personal items like clothing, medications and important papers. But, the worst thing you can do is get everyone a kit and forget about it. A big part of your emergency preparedness plan should be to learn your kit.

Pull out those items and explore what they are and how they work. Fill out the out of state contact cards as part of your emergency preparedness plan. Try out the hand crank/solar radio and see how all the functions work. Check out the various tools on the Swiss Army style knife so you know what they all are used for.

Make sure you read the survival guide. This is information you need to know before a disaster strikes. Don’t wait until there is an emergency and then try to look up the information you need, because that will waste valuable time.

Go through the items in your first aid kit and make sure you understand how to use them. A first aid kit is useless if you can’t use the items in it. Also, read the first aid guide for valuable information that could help you in an emergency.

You should also take some time to unfold an emergency blanket and the emergency tent. Try the food bars and see how easy it is to use the emergency water. Don’t worry; these items can be replaced. Right now, when there is no disaster to worry about, is the time to get familiar with everything in your survival kit.

If knowledge is power, learning about everything in your kit will empower you and your family to survive an emergency.

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Emergency Preparedness Goes Mainstream with Doomsday Preppers

emergency preparedness“Doomsday Preppers” is a new series on the National Geographic channel that focuses on people who taking emergency preparedness to a whole new level. The show cleverly explores the lives of seemingly ordinary Americans who spend the majority of their time preparing for a catastrophic disaster. It covers the diverse beliefs, strategies, and motivations that “preppers” take to ensure they are prepared for any emergency. The show also includes an “expert assessment” of who fares the best in terms of survival if their worst fears become a reality. You can even take the “prepper quiz” by clicking on the image on the right. Good luck!

The show fails to reveal any details behind the “expert” who assesses their strategies. But the biggest error I’ve seen people make is spending so much time storing dried food that require water to prepare when their water supply is insufficient. Also, a lot of the food stored, requires cooking; such as rice. Rice doesn’t even have enough nutrients to be a reliable emergency preparedness staple item. For all the time and energy these people spend on preparing for an emergency, they would be better off storing 55 gallon water storage barrels and survival food bars that are guaranteed to last for 5 years and provide the optimal balance of nutrients for survival victims.

It just goes to show that you don’t want to believe everything you see on TV.

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