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What if Your School Goes into a Lockdown?

what if your school has a lockdown

A school lockdown happens when officials at a school perceive a threat to students and staff. Students and teachers are instructed to stay in their classrooms with doors and windows closed and locked to protect them from anyone trying to enter. Students are instructed to stay quiet and move to the safest part of the room, and parents are instructed to stay away from the school until everything is safe.

A lockdown is scary for children and adults alike. However, teachers must keep calm and keep their students calm. This may be hard when children are told to hide under their desk in the dark and not make a sound. That’s why lockdown drills are useful. They help children understand what will happen in the case of a lockdown and allow them to practice. Just like tornado and fire drills, these drills should be conducted several times a year. Ask about your school’s lockdown drill policy.

While you discuss what your school will do during a lockdown, find out what type of classroom supplies are available for times of lockdown or other emergencies. Every classroom should have a safety lockdown container survival kit with enough supplies for each students. If your school doesn’t have emergency kits, consider donating one to your child’s classroom, or talk to school administrators about setting up a Save-a-Life school fundraiser to get emergency kits for the school.

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Keep Calm and Carry On Preparing


There certainly is a lot going on in the news lately. Shootings, bombings, severe weather, earthquakes. Someone even sent a letter laced with the poison ricin to the President, apparently in an attempt to assassinate him. Then there is the threat of nuclear missiles from North Korea.

Seems like the world has gone crazy.

Events like these can cause a great deal of anxiety, especially when so much misinformation is spread along with legitimate news. This is one reason why preparedness is so important. When you are prepared, it alleviates stress and anxiety over “what if” because you know you can take care of your family if there is an emergency or disaster.

No matter what the emergency, staying calm is essential. If you have the supplies you need for survival and you have practiced a disaster plan with your family, you can respond appropriately without over reacting. Reactions based on logic, and not fear, will keep a bad situation from getting worse.

What types of events are you concerned about? How are you preparing for them?

Whatever your worst case scenario, keep calm and continue preparing so you are ready to handle the situation safely.

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Wild Weather Means Being Prepared for Anything

This is a funny time of year. From one day to the next, you aren’t sure if you will get rain, sunny skies, snow or tornadoes. Or all of the above.

Keeping up with the weather forecast can be exhausting in the early spring when it seems like a new season every few hours. The best way to go is to prepare for anything and everything.

Instead of preparing for a specific weather event, consider being prepared for severe weather in general. Create a basic survival kit and then add items for more specific weather events. You may find that most of the things you need will be useful no matter what kind of weather disaster you encounter.

For example, having water and food bars for your family is important no matter what happens. Have a supply in your home, in each vehicle and in your boat, as well as packed in with your camping gear.

Emergency lights, shelter and an emergency radio will serve you well in nearly any situation.

Some people shy away from the hurricane kit because they don’t live in an area prone to hurricanes. However, the supplies in that kit are useful in severe winter weather as well as in the case of a tornado. Personally, I feel everyone should own a hurricane kit as well as a survival kit.

When you browse the kits available, don’t just look at the name of the kit. Look at what that kit contains and how it can be put to use in a variety of situations.

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5 Wilderness Survival Tips

wilderness survival

Believe it or not, it is spring. At least according to the calendar. That means temperatures will start warming and we will start spending more time outdoors. For many, that means camping, fishing, hiking and a variety of other activities in wilderness areas.

Before you take off into the great outdoors, consider these wilderness survival tips to ensure that you come home safe and sound.

1. Have a plan. Decide ahead of time where you will go, what route you will take and when you will return. Make a copy of this information and leave it with someone who isn’t going along with you. If you do not return when expected, this person will be able to contact authorities for help.

2. Dress for the possibilities. It may be sunny and warm when you leave, but the weather can change quickly, especially if you are in mountain areas. Make sure you bring extra clothing just in case the temperatures drop or a sudden storm blows in.

3. Know the area. If you are visiting a place you’ve never explored before, have a map to help you find your way around. Stay on established trails if at all possible. Nothing ruins an outing faster than getting lost.

4. Be aware of your surroundings. Pay close attention to loose rocks and other hazards that may cause you to fall and injure yourself. Keep an eye out for local wildlife so you can avoid dangerous confrontations.

5. Bring emergency supplies. At the very least, bring a small first aid kit, extra food, water and/or a water filtration bottle, and an emergency blanket or two. Also carry a flashlight and have a way to start a fire. If you get lost or hurt, you will need these items to stay warm, build a shelter and signal for help.

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Learn Your Kit: 4 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit


While it’s easy to purchase a pre-made survival kit and feel like you are prepared, your kit may not be very helpful if you don’t understand what’s in it.

When you get your kit, it is important to dive in an explore what’s inside. Go through it often to familiarize yourself with the valuable tools inside.

I like to recommend the 4 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit because it had what you need to survive as well as enough for others. This is useful if you have a family to care for, but may also be important if you are with friends or co-workers when a disaster strikes.

Food Bars: This kit has enough food bars to provide 4 people with the calories and nutrients they need to survive for 3 days. I recommend trying them before you need them, just to familiarize yourself with what they are like. You can easily order replacement food bars to keep in your kit. Food bars are good for 5 years.

Out of State Contact Cards: Contact cards need to be taken out of your kit and filled out. They do no good sitting in your pack in an emergency. If you haven’t learned your kit, you won’t even know they are in there. Be prepared and fill them out.

Solar/Hand Crank Powered Radio: You should also try out your weather radio so you know how it works. Put it in the sun and give it time to charge so it is ready when you need it. It will need to be recharged every few months, so don’t just throw it in your pack and forget about it.

Medium Sized First Aid Kit: Take the plastic off that first aid kit and get familiar with its contents. Fill out the emergency numbers on the first aid guide so you have them when you need them. Read through the basic first aid treatment for the various situations listed in the guide. Knowing what to do and how to do it will ensure that you can act quickly in an emergency.

These are just a few of the items in your 4 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Survival Kit. Make sure  you go through it periodically to refresh your memory as well as to make a list of what needs replacing so it is always ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Keep this kit in your car or in your office. Also, have one at home that is ready to grab if evacuation is necessary.

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